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Simon Chmel Quartet

Spherical sounds and singing melodies invite you to dream

On his debut album Light on the surface (27.04.23, Unit Records), drummer and composer Simon Chmel deals with both a personally difficult time and pandemic situations and feelings: 

What can give confidence and hope? 

What can be a ray of hope? 

Together with his quartet, he transforms his thoughts and feelings into musical stories. In doing so, they interweave acoustic instruments with electronic sounds and bring them into a fine balance. Spherical sounds and singing melodies invite you to dream. Instead of long solos, he focuses on compositions and interplay. They consciously concentrate on the essentials and thus create clarity and transparency. Their mutual trust creates an intimacy between energetic playing and fragility. Together they make the music breathe and float.

Max Diller - trumpet, flugelhorn

Enrico Olivanti - guitar

Johannes Schauer - double bass

Simon Chmel - drums & composition

"Hazy melodies, spherical sounds (...)

Much we know from Manfred Eicher's producer hand, the intimacy, the fragility, the breathing and floating. Some things however, are pleasantly new, especially the quiet energy of the quartet.“ 

JazzThing Magazin


Photos: Lukas Diller

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